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I know this comic’s been a neglected corner of the internet for a long time now. So here’s a quick update, but feel free to skip to the bit that says NEWS! If you want to just know what this means re: more comics!

Some time back, I went on a writing retreat themed around sense of place, landscape, etc. It was refreshing, a nice mix of people, and some interesting outside feedback on From. Feedback which got me thinking that perhaps it would work better as something fictional – something where stepping away from fact could help me focus more on truth. I though I might try and finish it up via posting the remaining sketches combined with quicker prose entries. And I think there’s some definite importance to all these thoughts in terms of story control, and what you’re trying to communicate.

Anyway. I got busy. I finished my first full-length novel, Atomic Sheep. And then, earlier this year, I reread From Vol 1 when I got a new batch printed for cons. And, funny thing, after all this time…I liked it. Autobio/journal type work is its own thing, and I like it and want to finish it. I’m not sure when – but I want to.  It’ll look and read a bit different from here I’m sure, with all the time that’s passed in between, but that’s okay, and perhaps it’ll be the better for it.

NEWS! In the meantime, I had a trip earlier this year, taking Peter to Canada to see my other former home. And *of course* I comicked that trip. I’ve still got the job of going through all those pages, finishing the unfinished and filling in the gaps. I’m undecided on whether to post those here a bit at a time, or get the whole batch done first, but new comics are imminent, and I’ll keep you posted!

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